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2014 USDA Eligible Rural Area Changes

In January 2014, specific areas will be affected in whether or not they are USDA eligible.

Implementation of the 2010 Census Data will occur on January 15, 2014, which will modify the eligible rural areas for Rural Housing loan programs. The future eligibility area maps can be viewed on the USDA Eligibility website. Properties in areas that will no longer be designated as rural will not be eligible for Rural Housing purchase loan programs as of January 15. Refinance transactions will not be affected as properties are not required to be in an area currently designated as rural to be eligible for refinancing.

The USDA Eligibility Maps will be updated to address the changes.

Prior to 1/15/14 the new maps can be found under “Future Eligible Areas”.

For more information on searching blog for a USDA Eligible Property, please visit our blog about how to find a USDA eligible property.


Posted in Mortgage & Refinance Programs on Wednesday, January 8, 2014 by Maple Tree Funding