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Loan Officer vs Mortgage Broker: How They Differ & Why It Matters

Posted in Home Buying Tips & Info, Mortgage & Refinance ProgramsPosted by Maple Tree Fundinglittle toy house next to paperwork with keys on it, people in the background

When looking to secure a mortgage, borrowers typically work with one of two types of professionals: loan officers or mortgage brokers. When choosing who to work with, it’s important to understand: loan officer vs a mortgage broker—what’s the difference, and is there an advantage to working with one over the other?  What’s the Difference Between a Loan Officer and a Mortgage Broker?  The main difference between a loan officer and a mortgage broker is who…

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USDA / VA / FHA Appraisal Requirements

Posted in FAQs, Guide to FHA Home Loans, Guide to USDA Home Loans, Guide to VA Home Loans, Home Buying Tips & InfoPosted by Maple Tree Fundingchipping paint on a cement block structure

In order for a loan to be financed, certain USDA, VA or FHA appraisal requirements must be met. The following will need to be repaired in order to avoid a re-inspection of the property: Paint ANY chipping or peeling paint will need to be scraped and painted, no matter how minor it may be. Remember to remove the old paint chips that have fallen onto the ground and dispose of them properly. Siding ANY missing…

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Faster & Easier Home Appraisals for Government-Funded Mortgages

Posted in Home Buying Tips & InfoPosted by Maple Tree FundingContractor performing a home appraisal in NY

Many home buyers utilize government funded mortgages to purchase their new homes. Government funded mortgages, including USDA mortgages, VA loans and FHA loans require a mandatory home appraisal before the mortgage can be secured and approved. Many times, however, the mortgage process is delayed by complications to this appraisal and home inspection process. What is a Home Appraisal? Learn the basics of home appraisal in this short video. How the NY Home Appraisal Process Works…

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How the New York STAR Program Helps Lower Your School Taxes

Posted in Home Buying Tips & InfoPosted by Maple Tree FundingNew York State STAR Program Logo

A lot of items will make the list of “must-haves” when you begin searching for your new home.  Two items that commonly rank high on this list are: a good school district and low taxes. Unfortunately, those two items don’t always go hand in hand, but New York’s STAR program can help with this. What is the New York STAR Program? The NY STAR Program is the School Tax Assessment Relief program, and is a tax…

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Local Mortgage Brokers vs. National Lenders

Posted in Home Buying Tips & InfoPosted by Maple Tree Fundinglocal mortgage broker meeting with client

When it comes to financing your home purchase, there are many options out there to explore and consider. As soon as you start the mortgage process, you’ll likely realize there are various avenues to choose from when it comes to obtaining a mortgage that works for you. You’ll come across large-scale commercial lenders, banks, and local mortgage lenders, just to name a few. We’ve already delved into the comparison between brokers and banks (you can…

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