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Homes for sale in New York

If you Google the title of this Blog “Homes for sale in New York” you may get well over 50,000,000 results (in about 3 seconds of course).  The tool the internet provides of getting a good look at a property in the comfort of your own home has become a House Hunting standard for the most part.  One of the questions becomes, what website do most people use to search for homes?  Do they simply use their Realtor’s website or do they use managed companies looking for profits from advertisements?  There are publically traded companies such as Zillow.com that advertise homes as well.

I’d like your feedback for what site you feel is the best for searching for a home?  What do you use when you are looking at homes for sale?  Sure, Homes.com is a big player, but I tend to lean more towards a site like AlbanyHomes411.com that provides many features that allows me to have easy filters for my search results.

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Posted in Mortgage Basics & Information on Friday, January 13, 2012 by Maple Tree Funding