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USDA / VA / FHA Appraisal Requirements

In order for a loan to be financed, certain USDA, VA or FHA appraisal requirements must be met. The following will need to be repaired in order to avoid a re-inspection of the property:


ANY chipping or peeling paint will need to be scraped and painted, no matter how minor it may be. Remember to remove the old paint chips that have fallen onto the ground and dispose of them properly.

chipping paint on an exterior door frame chipping paint on a cement block structurecracking and peeling paint on an exterior railing


ANY missing or cracked Siding, Fascia board, or Soffit Vents will need to be repaired or replaced.

missing soffit on home


If the property has a septic/leach field, please make sure they are easily located by placing a stake in the ground next to the servicing spout. If the appraiser cannot locate the septic, they will need to come back to the property again or they may require a third party to do an inspection.

septic lid on ground water pipe spout in ground


Same as the septic, please make sure the well is easily located by placing a stake next to the cap, to avoid a second trip for the appraiser or a third party inspection.

well cap marked with red stake marker well cap in ground


Homes that have a water stain on the interior ceiling will most likely require a roof inspection to see if the roof has been repaired or what the cost of the repair will be.

ring water stain on ceiling water stain on ceiling


Please make sure there is an unsealed entry point for a crawlspace; the appraiser will need to take photos and describe the area in his or her report.

crawlspace door crawlspace door in foundation


The appraiser will need to perform a “Head and Shoulders” inspection of the attic. Please make sure there is access and a ladder available if need be for the inspection.

attic with no ladder dropdown attic ladder


The appraiser is going to require that handrails be installed on stairwells, even in the basement and entry points to the house. For decks and porches more than a 1 foot drop off or anything with 3 or more steps, railings will need to be installed. Some appraisers will also state that the stairs need vertical safety rails installed. 

basement stairs with railing basement stairs with no railing

Hot Water Tanks 

The appraiser will require T&P discharge valves on hot water tanks to be no more than 6 inches above the floor or receptor in order to keep hot water discharge from splashing and causing injury. 

hot water tank with acceptable t&p spout distance (lower) hot water tank with too high t&p valve

Smoke & C02 Detectors

There must be C02 detectors on every level of the home, along with smoke and C02 detectors in every bedroom of the home. 

old smoke detector

Outlets, Switches, Junction Boxes & Wires

The appraiser will be looking for uncovered outlets, switches, junction boxes, and electrical boxes. Please ensure all are covered, and ensure there are no loose hanging wires in the home. 

uncovered junction box with loose wires light switch with no switch plate outlet box with no face plate

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Looking for a PDF version of our USDA, VA, & FHA appraisal requirements? Download the PDF here!

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