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Should I Use a Loan Officer for a Mortgage?

A home can be one of the biggest purchases you will make in your lifetime. It’s also one of the most complex. As such, it often makes sense for individuals to use a loan officer when figuring out how to finance this exciting purchase.

Loan officers are professionals who assist clients with the logistics of the mortgage process. With their knowledge and expertise of the process, they can help you feel at ease and advise you as you choose which available loan is right for you, complete the necessary paperwork and work through the process of acquiring a mortgage.

Here at Maple Tree we feel that having professional assistance while shopping for a mortgage is a good idea! And, we’re happy to provide that assistance to you.

Keep in mind that you should be just as particular in selecting a loan officer as you are with selecting the home you are planning to purchase. Be sure you know who you are working with, and make sure the officer you choose is professional, thoroughly understands the mortgage business, and is affiliated with a reputable organization.

To make sure you are working with a licensed professional, you can visit NMLS Consumer Access and verify the loan officer’s credentials, determine whether or not your Mortgage Loan Originator (MLO) is a licensed professional and learn what organization he or she is affiliated with. Licensed MLOs are loan officers that have successfully passed the state and federal mortgage exams, have undergone annual background and credit checks, and participate in continuing professional education.

All of Maple Tree’s Funding’s Mortgage Loan Originator’s can be found on the NMLS Consumer Access site, and Maple Tree Funding is an accredited organization with over 100 years of experience in assisting clients. We encounter numerous types of borrowers, from past clients, to referred clients, to those clients who gave us a call simply because they were frustrated with their current mortgage process and needed a change. No matter your situation, we’re happy to assist you in the process of obtaining a mortgage.

Contact us today to learn more about loan officers and their role in the mortgage process, or to discuss how our services may aid you in the process of obtaining a mortgage.

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Posted in About Us on Wednesday, July 3, 2013 by Maple Tree Funding