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What paperwork do I need for a home purchase?

Although there are many documents that need to be signed during the Mortgage Process, there are certain documents or paperwork that a client can have handy ahead of time.  Below is a list of documentation that we ask our clients to gather to help speed along the home purchase process:

  1. Copy of Driver’s License
  2. Copy of Social Security Card
  3. Most recent 2 years W2’s (For all jobs)
  4. Full month of paystubs (keep all future paystubs going forward)
  5. Tax Returns 2 Years (if Self Employed or have Rental Income)
  6. Last two months Bank Statements (All Pages of Statement)
  7. Most recent Retirement Statements (for reserve purposes)
  8. Contact name/number of your Human Resources Department
  9. Contact name/number of your Home Owners Insurance Agent
  10. Your Attorney name/number if you already have one
  11. Any current mortgage statements (if you own any property)

Although this is only the start of the mortgage process, these documents will help us put together a nice package to get your approved.  Based on your goals and your credit history, more documentation may be needed.  This is a good list to keep handy if you are starting to look for a home.  Have these documents/information handy and keep saving those paystubs as they have to be current throughout the process.

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Posted in Mortgage Basics & Information on Wednesday, March 21, 2012 by Maple Tree Funding