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3 Key Advantages of Working with a Local, Independent Mortgage Broker

graphic of an airport terminal with benefits of working with mortgage brokers listed on the arrival and departure screensMany mortgage lenders and banks showcase their low prices and advertise low rates to attract customers.

While this is not especially surprising, what IS often surprising to home buyers are the added fees, delays, and other complications of working with a big bank or nationwide lender. 

These additional expenses and other problems often end up costing home buyers MORE than they had expected. 

So while big banks and lenders may claim that they are the best in the business by touting their low prices, for many home buyers working with a local, independent mortgage broker is actually the better choice.

Benefits of Working with a Local, Independent Mortgage Broker

There are many benefits to working with a local broker like Maple Tree Funding. Here, we’ll review three of the main benefits that independent mortgage brokers have to offer. 

Access to Lower Wholesale Rates

As a mortgage broker, we work with dozens of lenders to secure home loans for our clients. This means we have access to lower wholesale rates that banks and retail lenders can’t match. 

Hundreds of Mortgage Options, Shopped For YOU

Because we work with so many lending institutions, we have access to hundreds of mortgage options. We’ll get to know you and work closely with you to understand your specific scenario so we can shop your options to find the home loan that works best for you. This takes the pressure off of you to find the right mortgage, making the home buying process much less stressful! 

Fast Closings

We understand that once you’ve found a home you love, you’re ready to make it your own as soon as possible! That’s why we work hard to provide fast closings to our clients and customers. In most cases, we can get you to the closing table faster than the big banks and retail lenders can.

Independent Mortgage Brokers vs. Big Banks Comparison

The short video below provides a brief overview of how working with a local mortgage broker compares with getting a mortgage from a large-scale loan company. 

Simplify the Home Buying Process! Work With a Local Mortgage Broker.

Buying a home can feel like a daunting task – but it doesn’t have to! With a local mortgage broker on your side, you can go into the home buying process confidently, well-informed about your financing options and ready to make your dream of homeownership a reality when the right house comes along. 

Independent mortgage brokers have a lot to offer, whether you’re buying your first home or you’re a seasoned veteran when it comes to home buying. 

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