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FHA Mortgage Insurance Rates: 2024

Money bags put in wooden home model and bottle with gold coin representing savings from FHA MIP reductionIn early 2023, the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) reduced annual mortgage insurance premiums (MIP) from .85% to 0.55%. The last time the FHA reduced its mortgage insurance premiums for U.S. homebuyers before this was back in 2015.

Thanks to these changes, it is an excellent time for new homeowners to consider an FHA loan to finance a home purchase.

What Do These FHA Mortgage Insurance Premium Changes Mean for Homebuyers?

A mortgage insurance premium reduction of 0.3 percent will be a welcome savings for new home buyers. The example scenario below demonstrates just how significant this recent FHA MIP reduction really is.

Before the FHA Mortgage Insurance Premium Reduction:

$100,000 Loan Amount

Current Annual Mortgage Insurance = 0.85% of Loan Amount

$100,000 X 0.85% = $850 (Or $70.83 per Month)

After the FHA Mortgage Insurance Premium Reduction:

$100,000 Loan Amount

New Annual Mortgage Insurance = 0.55% of Loan Amount

$100,000 X 0.55% = $550 (Or $45.83 per Month)

Homeowners are slated to save an average of $800 per year as a result of this reduction in FHA mortgage insurance premiums.

Comparing 2023 FHA MIP Rates to Previous FHA MIP Rates

The following table shows the existing and the new annual MIP rates by amortization term, base loan amount and Loan to Value (LTV) ratio.

2023 FHA MIP rate chart

When Will the New FHA MIP Rates Go Into Effect?

This premium change will go into effect officially on March 20, 2023 – however, some lenders are honoring the new rates effective immediately.

Where Can I Get More Information About FHA Mortgage Insurance Premium Changes and FHA Mortgages?

Please see Mortgagee Letter 2023-05 by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development for the official notice of this change to FHA MIP rates.

You can also give us a call at 518-782-1202 or contact us online with any questions you have regarding this important change. We can help you determine how this might impact you, and walk you through your options if you’re interested in taking advantage of this reduction.

Already Have an FHA Mortgage with a Higher MIP? We Can Help!

If you are currently in an FHA Mortgage with your Mortgage Insurance Premium of 0.85% or higher, please contact Maple Tree Funding to see if refinancing your home mortgage is right for you. As is evidenced by the example above, there may be big savings in store for first time homebuyers and other individuals eligible for FHA home loans.

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