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How to Obtain a DD214 for Military Members Seeking VA Loans

USA flag and models of house. VA home loan concept.VA home loans are some of the best mortgages available for those who are eligible. But for some eligible veterans, proving that eligibility and verifying it with a Certificate of Eligibility (COE) or DD214 form is a challenge, often because they may not know how to go about obtaining the necessary documentation of their military service.

Here, we’ll share the details of how to go about getting your DD214 if you do not currently have a copy and you’re hoping to apply for a VA home loan.

What is a DD214?

First off, let’s start by reviewing what a DD214 form is. 

A DD214 is a discharge form, also known as a certificate of release, for military members. It is a thorough document that verifies a service member’s military service and details the condition of their discharge.

You may also hear DD214s referred to as DD Form 214 or a Report of Separation. These forms are issued to all veterans by the US Defense Department (not by the VA). 

Why Do I Need a DD214 to Apply for a VA Mortgage?

A Report of Separation contains detailed information about a veteran’s military service, which is key information that is needed to verify an individual’s eligibility for military benefits, including retirement, employment, and home loans. 

You will need your DD214 in order to obtain the Certificate of Eligibility (COE) that proves you are eligible for a home loan that is backed by the VA. 

Where Can I Get MY DD Form 214?

If you are a veteran and you do not have your DD214, you’ll need to request your military service record from the US Defense Department. 

You can obtain a free copy of your DD214 Report of Separation here

How Do I Obtain a COE for a VA Home Loan?

If you need to order a Certificate of Eligibility for a VA mortgage, you can do so using the VA portal. Detailed instructions can be found here. Note that if you are a discharged member of the military, one of the documents you will need to submit in order to obtain a COE is your DD214.

If you’re working with us to obtain a VA home loan, we can assist you with obtaining your COE. Here at Maple Tree Funding, we have access to the VA portal and have the ability to search for COEs that are available online. You’d simply need to provide us with your social security number and date of birth and we’ll be able to look into generating your COE electronically on your behalf. (Note that not all COEs are available online, but most of the time we are able to pull them for the veterans we work with.)

You can learn more about Certificates of Eligibility and what information that important document provides here.

Interested in Learning More About VA Home Loans? 

VA home loans are a hugely advantageous financing option available to eligible veterans, military service members, and their surviving spouses. If you’re considering a home purchase and you think you may qualify for a VA mortgage, it’s well worth investigating your options to find out if you are eligible. 

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