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2023 Changes to VA Funding Fees: In Place Until November of 2031

Key from property and USA flag. VA loan mortgage concept.Early in 2023, the VA made a scheduled change to VA funding fee rates. These fees apply to loans closed on or after April 7, 2023 and prior to November 14, 2031. 

The funding fee percentages for VA home loans, including construction loans and refinances, was decreased. This is good news for home buyers looking to finance purchases through VA home loans! 

VA Loan Fees for Loans Closing On or After April 7, 2023

The new VA loan fee rates apply to loans closing on or after April 7, 2023 and prior to November 14, 2031. They are as follows:

April 2023 - November 2031 VA Funding FeesThose who qualify for VA Disability are exempt from the VA funding fees.

VA Loan Fees for Loans Closed Before April 7, 2023

The previous VA loan fee rates applied loans that closed before April 7, 2023. These fees are detailed in the charts below:

VA Funding Fees Through 4/7/2023

Thinking About Purchasing a Home with a VA Loan?

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